Wagerr calculator

Suggested price for $1WGR: $0.055 because of deflation!

Price of Wagerr:$

Weekly active users:

Weekly bet per user:$

Yearly: Inflation Total Gambol
Total Wagerr -108,744 WGR 72,800,000 WGR
Total $USD $-5,437 $3,640,000

Weekly: Oracle Reward + MN Rewards
Profit in Wagerr 8 WGR 19 WGR
Profit in $USD $0.42 $0.96

Yearly: Oracle Reward + MN rewards
Profit in Wagerr 440 WGR 1002 WGR
Profit in $USD $22.02 $50.10

Masternode count:

Gambolr airdrop coming soon @ https://t.me/gambolr

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